Sunday, 18 September 2011

Big project, big model, big nose!

The whole premise of building in 1/32 scale is that you get a lot of extra detail for your money. It's not the case with every model producer's kit - there are always exceptions - but the attraction, at least for me, is the promise of more to see than 1/48 can always offer.

Trumpeter's 1/32 Su-25 is no disappointment. This is exactly what modelling in this scale is about. Not only do you get a great cockpit, but also two detailed jet engines AND two sets of landing gear - one in metal. Also, left and right open nose panels with an electronics suite and optional lowered flaps. Then there are photo etched parts and an ordnance load that you wouldn't believe. The photos show less than two thirds of what's included. The decals are beautiful and offer a choice of four colour schemes. All in all almost 900 parts - it's not bad, is it?

And did I mention the superlative surface detail? Amongst the best I've seen - and I've seen plenty.

But how was the build, you ask? Well, mostly it went really well. There were a few minor glitches - usually down to discrepancies in the instructions. Did I use a lot of filler?I hardly had to touch the tube. The wing roots required a line of Krystal Kleer, and not much else.

What I enjoyed the most was the modular concept. I could build up the fuselage, cockpit, engines, landing gear and cabins, and then the wings with extended flaps. Then I could move on to the underwing stores. It was three weeks of building what seemed like several kits out of one box. Normally the painting is my favourite part, but with this model the construction was equally satisfying.

I couldn't finish this project and not consider a follow up. So, more soon on the new MiG 23 ML.

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