Sunday, 25 September 2011

Admiring Eduard

I've had a few projects going simultaneously, and this one has been quite slow out of the gate.

When I first started building Eduard models, I felt that they weren't much above low pressure injection moulded kits. Since then, though, I've had reason to revise my estimate.

One of the reasons for this is Eduard's MiG 21 SMT Fishbed K Profipack, in which you get everything - a set of masks, a double photo etch set (one in colour), two pairs of UB multiple rocket launchers in resin, a superb decals sheet for five aircraft, and stencils for the model and weapons. And not forgetting a full complement of weapons and fuel tanks.

The kit itself is lovely. It's an exercise in finely detailed and precisely fitting parts, which should describe every kit, but doesn't. These days value for money is quite rare, so to get all of the above in the box with a new tooling for around £35 is a bonus worth blogging about.

Here's a photo of the decals. As you can see, they're pretty comprehensive:

And here's the aftermath of a stencilling session - looks like confetti, doesn't it?

And finally here are a few photos of the completed build. It was as much fun as it looks. I used Xtracolour enamels and airbrushed them freehand. I weathered in very much the same way, then added the stencils. It took all day! More, as they say, soon.


PRSman said...

What do you do with all the models you don't sell? I'm running out of room.

Philip Goodier said...

Truth is there aren't many I don't sell. Once they're built, I've had my fun, so I'm happy to part with them. I do have a display section in my room for the PT boat, and a sub, and I keep a couple of pieces on a shelf, but largely they are re-homed. How do you feel about parting with yours?