Friday, 2 October 2009

Multiple MiGs

I feel in the mood for a MiG. Actually, three MiGs. I've previously talked about a 1/32 MiG 21 I had rediscovered, but what really started this run of models was a Trumpeter MiG 3 I had found languishing in my room a while ago, half started. What a shame, a perfectly decent model just lying there, forgotten and neglected.

I decided right away to strip the existing paint off. It was pretty disgusting and mucky and I felt suitably ashamed, so I gave it a plonk in the wash and then into the Modelstrip. This is a highly corrosive medium that leaves the plastic beneath quite unscathed, very handy stuff. After a few hours it can simply be washed away (in the bathroom, when my wife is not looking...).

The camo scheme I had decided on was from an aircraft with the VVS during 'Barbarossa' in 1941. I did the requisite research and here are the results.

This leads me on to the aforementioned MiG 21. I described the paint scheme on an earlier blog, and here are some photos of the completed model.

That just leaves some bits in a box - MiG number three. This is one of the new MiG toolings from Trumpeter - the 19S 'Farmer' C is in 1/48 scale. It'll be making a few appearances in the next week or two.

Just as a footnote, I was very excited to find that Trumpeter will be releasing the Sukhoi Su 24 in 1/48 scale - excellent for those of us fascinated by Soviet aircraft from the Cold War.

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