Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lamarr, The Blue Prince

With his head held high and a trot not unlike a dressage horse, Lamarr had been a part of our family for fifteen years.  He combined demanding with snooty in new ways, and never failed to communicate to you exactly what he wanted, whilst garnering everyone's ultimate respect.  He had a penetrating stare that could pin you across the room and when he shouted, you answered.

For a cat who spent so much of his time sleeping and the rest eating, he was amazingly lithe and could swipe a sausage from your fork with lightning speed. Indeed, his leaping, swiping and sprinting made him a force to be reckoned with.  And yet, he would bestow the most tremendous affection on you and made you feel like a king, albeit an under-king, in the Kingdom of Lamarr.   He made full use of the nine lives available to him, chewing through electric cables with apparent impunity, and confounding all the vet's worst fears with a laconic eye and a cheeky resilience. Weighing in at only 8Ibs, he was a diminutive boy, but when he suddenly became thinner still, we worried with good reason.  Over a few short weeks his life was stealthily taken from him by disease. No more lives were available to him.  Yesterday, he was lost to us - the sad end of what was for the most part a healthy and happy life.  We love him, and miss him so.

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