Thursday, 27 December 2012

Look! It's Finished.

In an earlier blog I was wailing about my Su-24 project. This is the one I've wanted to build from the moment of its release back in 2007, I think it was.  I was getting a bit broody as I had to keep setting it aside for other work.

So, a few weeks ago I managed to complete the other work (well, most of it) and it was out once more with the Fencer.  This turned out to be the best part of the build. After all the distractions causing me at one point to spray it the wrong colour, I was able to really get it going. And everything went  so well - completing the cockpit, adding that very complicated landing gear, the very convincing jet cans and the weapons. It was a project that very much lent itself to some nice upgrades.

When a project like this is complete the sense of achievement can be quite overwhelming. Was it frustrating and a little aggravating?  Very much so!  But would I do it again?  Certainly. What a very contrary hobby.

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