Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Five years....

I'm not one for delving back into the past, but looking through my blog last week, I noticed the photos I had posted of my work room.  Some subtle changes had taken place; back then it was more hair, less weight and a lot less clutter.  All those kits in the photos are now built and living in new homes around the globe.  Most of them have been examined on this blog.  This has been the ideal setting for some of my most enjoyable projects. And for those not so enjoyable, all I can say is I'm glad there's no CCTV!

Over the last five years I've been able to develop my client base and now produce models in all kinds of genres for people in six or so different countries.  Quite a change from a model shop in a sleepy village. I consider every one of these clients a friend, and feel fortunate to have met them even if it's only virtually. If the next five years are as good to me I'll be a happy builder.

To all those reading and following and indeed contributing to this blog, I wish you a very happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year's modelling.

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