Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yakking on...

More then on the Yak 38 from Hobby Boss.

So how has it built up? Mostly very well. The only thing was a slight mis-alignment on the main air intakes. Thankfully I was able to get past this without major filling and rubbing down. Can't be losing all that lovely detail.

As you can see, the photos show the paintwork and decaling pretty well finished. Incidentally, the decals were nice quality with good register, clear enough to see that the stencilling was in Russian, and Russian is not one of my languages...I was looking everywhere for the anti-glare panel decal and it was only after many minutes of feverish searching that I realised I had to paint it on myself. With all the other decals now fitted it was too late for that. Trawling through my decal box I discovered a pair of heat shield decals for a 1/48 Sea King I built when Adam were a lad. After a spot of trimming I had a pretty close match. Check the photo, what do you think? Overall it's been a great build and great value at £22.

So far Christmas seems to be shaping up well, with some very nice looking festive items arriving in large boxes, but I'm not allowed to look at them. I'll share the details when I can.
Coming along nicely for the moment is the A-10B Warthog 2-seater - that will be an impressive build.

And shortly, more on a Mitsubishi A6M8 based on the Hasegawa kit. This has some lovely extras with it and promises to be a super build.

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