Tuesday, 23 August 2011

More 'Stoof'..

Finishing the S-2F was a demanding process. It threw up a number of challenges: the crankcase holes had to be opened to accept the propellers; the parts for fitting the folded wing need some guesswork because the instructions are vague, and with the landing gear, the struts must be at perfect right angles to the leg or they just won't fit. Overall though, not a bad build.

But the painting was such fun. I wanted the model to have a really worn look, so I under-coated in dark grey. This had the effect of darkening the top colours, i.e. the grey and the white. This allowed me to add a lighter, patchy effect on top of that. White was the difficult colour, since you can't get paler than white. So I pre-shaded and applied the white thinly, just enough to cover. Later I applied a black wash, darkening the white. I was free then to add patches in pure white - how does it look?

I decided, for the sake of the model, to fold one wing only. It not only looks more interesting, but it eases display problems for such a large model.
So I've finally got a tracker in my collection. I should've waited a bit longer to acquire a different set of decals, but I just wanted to build the thing. You know the feeling...

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