Tuesday, 17 May 2011


A natural follow on to the recently completed FW 190 A8 is the D9, also from Eduard.

I happened to have Eduard's detail set, and a set of Kommandeur decals with an interesting colour scheme. All I needed was an appropriate kit. Then Eduard issued their D9 with perfect timing.

I posted recently on my Red 19 build, and this is essentially the same thing. This kit offers the open gun cowling and wing root guns. The engine is not included in this kit, but otherwise the overall build-up is the same.

There was an anomaly. On assembling the fuselage, the parts seemed banana-shaped, with one side looking longer than the other. To overcome this potential disaster, I attached the rear fuselage first, allowing twelve hours drying time. The forward half could then be secured relatively easily. Thus is the banana eliminated.

If you've built a few of these before and know where the pitfalls lie in advance, it helps. It's well worth a few scares for the results.


DAVID said...

phil you are getting good at this
good job well done .

PRSman said...

Amazing! I like the outlining of the camos, it really stands out.
Phil, I know you're busy and all, but if you have time could you take a look at my blog. I listed as one or your followers. I've only been modelling a little over a year and I don't have the weathering thing down. If you can't then that's ok, it took a lot of nerve to ask you.

Philip Goodier said...

Hi Bill,
Thanks for your comment, and please feel free to chat - it's great to make contact with other modellers. I had a look at your blog, and I thought your Stuka and SM79 look great. The fine camo scheme is very striking. There are some things that can help to make weathering look more authentic: with the 'Nick', try spraying the pale colour first, then roll Blu-Tac into thin sausages and drape them on the model. Now you can add the green. When it's dry, fade each panel with a grey-green, whatever you feel is appropriate. The you can remove the But-Tac. Glaze the plane again, and add a wash or whatever your procedure is from this point. I hope these suggestions are helpful - for a relatively new modeller you seem to be doing just fine.
Keep in touch and best regards,