Saturday, 29 January 2011

My new year

Building on commission has its frustrations - you really want to build something else, in another way! But I heed the brief and enjoy the process, grateful to be doing what I love for a living.

But now and then, someone comes along and wants something that I have been longing to build. And lately I've had not one of these but two! The Hasegawa P-40 and Tamiya's Fiesler Storch are two kits I've wanted to work on for some time. I'm not going to do a blow by blow account of these builds, because any modeller knows what to expect of such manufacturers. I needed to pay a little more attention to the Storch -- part fit was demanding -- but I kept a sharp eye out and was suitably rewarded.

Everyone builds the Storch in the tropical scheme, but this time I was reproducing the winter scheme, and I was very pleased with the results . There are also a few accessories that went with.

The P-40 just builds itself and weathering it was a dream - it's the perfect subject for this. And the decals are wonderful.

This is what I've been doing with 2011. How about you?

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