Monday, 1 November 2010

...Then they all come at once!

Inspiration for me comes in several forms - seeing a model that someone has done a top job one, a detailed article in a magazine on something I fancy, or a really top-notch kit.

This year, though, I've not quite felt that buzz too often. Work seemed a bit routine for a while, but then suddenly in the space of ten days, there have been new arrivals and commissions that have provided new motivation and pleasure. Have a look at this fantastic selection:

One item in particular gives me special pleasure. The Eduard Royal Class set which includes a pair of FW 190's, an Iron Cross replica and a small fragment of a fighter that took part in the battle of the Ore Mountains. This was a present from an appreciative client in New York. Truckloads of inspiration! Now I just need some time to get to them.

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