Monday, 3 August 2009

Let's Hear it for Pete

As everyone has been putting up with me blathering on about the Pete build, I felt it only fair to show a few images of the completed model.

Adding the final parts was very enjoyable. The fit was tricky but positive and durable. The only other thing worth a mention was the rigging. It was regular biplane rigging but not as extensive as a WWI fighter for example and I used stretched sprue to do the job. This just left the wiring from tale to fuselage and wingstrut. The 1-1 scale aircraft shows how thick they were, so I decided that EZ-Line was the ideal solution - it looks good and it'll have longevity. And that was it. A super build. A great project of a terrific subject. And as Shakespeare (and I) said: "Here was a kit, when comes such another?" Actually, just give us a minute....

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