Monday, 26 May 2014

The Last Post

News may have already reached you, but it is with considerable sadness that I must announce on here the death of my beloved husband Philip Goodier.

He had been ill for some time, having been diagnosed with a very unusual cancer in 2010.  Treatment had held it at bay, and Phil was not one to moan - he preferred to get on with the building, and the painting, and the living of life.

This year he began to deteriorate a little, but more nuclear therapy seemed to help.  But by Easter it was clear he was losing the battle.  The last two weeks of his life were something no-one should have to experience.  He died on the morning of Sunday, May 18th in the arms of his family, and we are relieved that he is at peace now.

There is outstanding work, which will be sorted in due course.  In the meantime, all we have is memories, and the pieces of work he left behind here at home and in other homes and museums all over the world.  He will never be forgotten.

Kim Goodier


Goose said...

Very sorry for your loss. I really enjoyed Phil's model work and his blog will be missed by the wider modelling community

maxormark said...

A real loss. My sincerest condolences.

I have several of Phil's models proudly on show in my home, and they bring me pleasure every time I look at them.

They will be even more precious to me now.

Daniel said...

This is a very late comment, but Phil was an "ace" aircraft builder. He must have been a great family man. I'm very sorry to hear this.

I have the Do 17, Bf 109F (Marseille) and two 1/24 scale builds (Fw 190A and Spitfire IX). They are pride of place in my model stand.

All the best,


Philip Goodier said...

Daniel, thank you, it's never too late to talk about him. He was a one-off, that's for sure. Not a day goes by without someone mentions him to me, and that's the best epitaph anyone could have. I remember him building those planes for you, and the conversations along the way. Phil loved his customers, and model-building brought him pleasure right up to the end. I hope all is well with you.
Warm regards, Kim