Monday, 3 February 2014

1/72 Scale Re-discovered

For years I always thought of 1/72 scale as something other builders modelled in - I couldn't see what it had to offer me.  I prize accuracy and authenticity and felt the little models couldn't give me what I sought.

Lately though I've had good reason to reverse my views.  Tempted by a very attractive kit, I built an Italeri Wessex helicopter.  The quality of the mouldings and the detail were amazing and quite unexpected.  Since then I've got carried away and built Italeri's Whirlwind helicopter and their Kamov Ka 52 attack helicopter and  their Flying Banana.  There was no stopping me now.  From there I built Revell's Me 1099, Hasegawa's B-25J attack bomber and Revell's F-89 Scorpion.  All superb kits from which I obtained frankly thrilling results.  A lesson learned which just goes to prove that modellers can always expand their repertoire and reach new levels of enjoyment by keeping an open mind.

I'm still a big fan of 1/32 and 1/48 scale kits, but it seems that size is not, after all, everything.

Dedicated to our friends, Alan and Penny Haworth.

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FalkeEins said...

..very nice .. and of course you get to finish much more (or at least I do..)