Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hot jets

Isn't it funny - for years you don't see a single jet then three come along at once!

First is the superb new release from Airfix.  I do enjoy these cold war jets and the Javelin is well overdue.  The detail is good enough for any enthusiast, but there's still room for the odd update set  or two.

Next is the new Great Wall MiG 29.  The kit comes beautifully packaged; the upper wing/fuselage section is in its own box, and even the weapons are in a separate blister pack.  The detail is sumptuous, the transparencies flawless and the decals look fabulous. The fit of some of the parts is not without problems but they are not insurmountable.  The two engines are superb, although again the parts don't always want to meet smoothly but there's only one winner.  The cockpit looks good, but will look even better with a colour etched replacement.

Finally, and by complete contrast is this Heller kit.  The Mirage IV is the subject of this kit, and is the victim of some dodgy 1970's technology. Thick chunky plastic, raised and scant detail throughout might put some modellers off.  But this is the only kit available in 1/48 scale and I believe it will build up into something rather special.  Also, it will be nearly a foot and a half long!  I have the Neomega cockpit set, resin afterburner cans and new landing gear.  This will become a classic model of a beautiful classic aeroplane.

More to follow in due course.

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