Saturday, 8 June 2013

Little and Large

Here are two projects I've recently completed.  The first one needs no introduction, but I'll do it anyway.  It's Tamiya's classic Fairey Swordfish.  And why is it a classic?  Because there is practically nothing wrong with it at all.  One quick moan - the metal rigging set is not included in a kit that costs £60 - but the fit, the detail and the accuracy are all spot on.  Marvellous!

The second is an Airfix kit.  Yes, I'm building Airfix kits again!  And it's the new and very reasonable Typhoon in 1/72nd.  So what do you get for your eight quid?  Engraved panel lines, nice cockpit, detailed canon and gear bays. and a great decal sheet with two schemes.  Any problems?  An odd wings-to-fuselage fit but that's it.  I was so taken with it that I went a bit mad.  Full rivet job, extra cockpit detail, seat belts, levers, that kind of thing.  Oh yes, and I spent eight days on it!  In my defence, see the photos.  It was worth it.  Lovely.

These days I'm taking Airfix a bit more seriously.  Hornby seems to have rejuvenated the brand.


The Migrant said...

Really nice work in the Airfix Tiffie, which I haven't seen over here in Canada yet. What do you use as a riveting tool?

Also, did you used to own the hobby shop on Bold Street in Southport? I used to go in there a lot back in my teens.

Philip Goodier said...

Thanks for that. I just use a standard wheeled riveter and a lot of patience. As to the Hobby Shop, no, I had three shops over the years - one in Sussex Road and two on Botanic Road in Churchtown. I did a couple of days at the weekend at the Hobby Shop in latter years. What's Canada like for high street hobby shops?