Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Final Hog

I suppose the prospect of an A-10 in its lizard scheme did seem a well-trodden path, but recently I built this one from Hobby Boss.  The old Tamiya kit was always good but like the rest of us, it's getting a bit old.

This new kit is quite different.  Extensive detail, nice decals, lovely clear transparencies.  The only build problem I had was getting the fuselage together.  The best way I found to solve this was to glue the front half together and allow it to dry.  This forms an anchor to allow the rear half to be fixed.

Fitting the flaps was interesting.  An empty slot in the wing was the flap's home!  One false move and it would be lost in the wing forever.  After that it was plain sailing, an absorbing build.  LOADS of weapons.

You can add resin and etched parts if you want to, but I suggest just doing it out of the box.  It looks accurate, it looks good, and it is fun.

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