Sunday, 26 February 2012

Spectre Analysis

So what has been taking up so much of my time lately? Ok, here is the list.
  • The Eduard FW190 D-9
  • The Hasegawa A6M8 Zero
  • The Special Hobby Fiat G-55
  • The C205 Veltro by 21st Century Toys (Yes, Toys...more on this later)
  • The F-5E from AFV Club
Italeri's AC 130H 'Spectre' gunship is a nice build. This is not their regular old C130 with raised panel lines and just upgraded with a few extra parts. This one is quite new, though as the French say, plus ├ža change...... It's typical Italeri - big chunky parts, not too much interior detail. You can lower the ramp, but there's not a lot to see. Lots of guns, but the walls are a little bare apart from the armoured ammo box. The cockpit is similarly sparse; pilots' and engineers' instruments are ok, but four seats and a bulkhead and that's it. To bring this up a bit, I've added seat straps of tinfoil so that when the big transparency went in it would look reasonably busy.

This transparency was not the best part of the kit - it needed several pieces of plastic card and some filler to get it to fit right. If you're building this, get a pre-cut masking set - freehand takes all night.

Fit of parts overall was ok. Lots of rubbing down, but then it's a BIG model. No filler required after the transparency, so I was able to make good progress, and suddenly I had this great big plane on my bench.

What do you think of the results? I think it is rather charismatic.


craig hobson said...

Phil great job building this myself at the min have changed my blog as well to cjhmodels . Question did you paint everything inside as i cant see the point as yes the cockpit put everything else/ keep up the good work Craig

Philip Goodier said...

Hi Craig, thanks for your comment. I give everything some detail no matter whether it's seen. Makes me feel better knowing it's done. There's not much detail inside the cockpit on this one, as you say. I like to add stuff where it's lacking.