Saturday, 3 July 2010

Another birthday

Having just had a birthday - my 57th - I am very conscious that 60 is just round the corner. Where do these big numbers come from? Only yesterday I was 23!

The thought of retirement and its planning might be starting to loom, although if this Government has its way, I'll be here for another decade. And anyway, retire to what? Knocking a few kits together in the spare room? I do that for a living. I must say it's tempting to think of the railway sets I've got stashed away, waiting for a big setup in the room earmarked for them, but I can't begin to think of leaving work behind. It's a way of life, and I've made so many friends. You can't just stop something you love after 45 years.

So what are the plans? I don't want to be struggling round the railway layout with a Zimmer... But I think it's the plastic fantastic for me for a while longer yet. There's too much going on on the bench for me to think about packing it in for a long time yet. I must have more than 25 kits in the growing queue, so that might take me somewhere close to my pension. Here's a photo of what's keeping me at my bench today.

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