Thursday, 19 November 2009

Size isn't everything Pt 2

People say that until they actually see the size. Not that the Vought A-7 is a huge aircraft, even in 1/32 scale such as this one. But it certainly has a presence. Trumpeter issued the Vought A-7E Corsair back in 2005. Although it was a confirmed favourite of mine, I had not had a chance to build it until now.

When the box arrived ( a BIG box) it wasn't the scale of the parts I enjoyed so much as the sheer number of them. And the ordnance! It comprises a pair of fuel tanks, 2 GBU-8, 2 GBU-10, 2 AGM-6, 12 Mk 82 retarded, 12 MK 82 slicks, 6 M117 and a pair of side winders. Oh yes, and a FLIR pod. Here's a photo of the entire haul in case I missed anything.

It's gone very well so far. I've spent around ten hours to achieve what you see here. The painting process is about to begin. Of course, there'll be more photos of this through to its conclusion.

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Christopher said...

I worked (AMS3) on A-7's at the Navel Air Test Center Weapons Systems Test Division. One of the pictures around had fully loaded wing stations and fuselage stations with a caption about 19,000 lbs of weapons. Compared to F-8 it was a breeze to work on.